“For the Lord is good; His Mercy and loving-kindness are everlasting.  

            His faithfulness and truth endure to all generations.”(Psalm 100:5)

Grace Christian Ministry, in the midst of different problems, is going forward in its program of preaching Gospel and spreading the Love of Jesus Christ through all possible medias. We have resumed our church programs and all our churches opened in Kerala and other state.  

Grace Christian Ministry (GCM) is a Christ centered mission in Pathanapuram, Kerala, India. It was founded in 1999. GCM promotes and preach Gospel to the people in Kerala, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal through benevolent helps, church planting, orphanage and Bible training College/institutions and supporting local pastors. 

Since the establishment of this ministry, GCM has been blessed to establish 6 churches in West Bengal, 3 churches in Bihar, 17 churches in Odisha and 21 churches in Kerala. Thousands of people have heard gospel through this mission. Our goal is to establish 100 Churches by 2025 in the remote villages of India where there are no churches.

In addition to church planting, GCM also has a Bible College where students are allowed to attend tuition free. There are Bible training centers where people are able to learn theology and to simply study the Bible. 

Grace Christian College is the answer to long prayers to meet the growing demands for trained preachers and teachers for this ministry. Grace Christian College was created to prepare Christian workers to help spread New Testament Christianity throughout India.

We have a growing children’s ministry (Sunday school and help poor children in their education) and women’s ministry, as well as outreach ministries which include tract distribution, hospital visitation and conventions.

We Here with extent our love and thanks to all our friends and supporters for your valuable prayers and faithful and continuous support. What we have achieved so far for the kingdom of God is all because of your love, prayers and support. We humbly seek your wholehearted support to reach the unreached with the LOVE of our lord Jesus Christ. 

God continues changing lives of many through Grace Christian Ministry and we seek your prayers

Pray for:- Grace Christian Church Ministry in Kerala 

Pray for:- Grace Christian Church Ministry  -In Odisha, Bihar , West Bengal 

Pray for:-  Protection during Evangelism activities

Pray for:- Fund for  land and Church Building – $15,000.00 for land and church Building

Pray for:- Grace Christian Bible College – Teachers and students

Pray for:- Training Centers 

Pray for:- Fund for Bible college Building 

Pray for:-  a vehicle (van) for the Mission. 

Here are the few ways that you can partner with Grace Christian Ministry 

Continuous prayers 

Give Consistently  with any amount to support pastors/ Bible students/poor/orphan children

Give an exra Gift – You may be helping us faithfuly and we are  grateful for the same. As  you lead by our God, give us an extra gift. 


Grace Christian Bible college programs are being carried out online. We are praying and planning to start our Bible College at our campus in the immediate future.  


We give one year  training to young men and women in their own regional language and sending them to their own particular village to start ministry and eventualy esabilish a church. Since they belong to that particular village, they may face  limitted problem and more access to the people of their own community. Need prayers and support. 

The past many months have been a difficult time for people across the globe.  Fear and anxiety have gripped every level of society; loneliness, isolation, and distrust are becoming increasingly prevalent.  

Yet, in the midst of this satanic chaos, may we be continually reminded of one reality: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes, even forever (Heb. 13:8).  Though the world surrounding us may change its passions, the God whom we serve is unchangeable, immovable, and sovereignly reigning and ruling over all persons, events, and circumstances.  Thus, we need not and should not turn to the world for peace, rest, joy, or certainty.  Much rather, we place our full assurance and trust in the Rock of our salvation, our mighty fortress, our  unfailing  one who spoke a striking statement 2,000 years ago: Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid (John 14:27).

Despite whatever pressing or disturbing external circumstances we may be enduring, I want we all to know that we are blessed beyond measure.  We know the Saviour of this world!  We know that the seen things of this world are temporary and fleeting while the unseen things are eternal (cf. 2 Cor. 4:17-18).  

Still, we must ask one question: are we all willing to become a blessing to others?  To be clear, I am fully persuaded that the world is dark, perverse, and crooked in many ways.  But it is also filled with souls who are hurting, seeking, and longing for something beyond the superficiality, temporality, and vanity they experience every day. We know the good news; they are waiting to hear it!  Remember, we have to answer God’s call upon our life and enhance our ministerial training in whatever sphere this calling entails: preaching the gospel, teaching the Scriptures to seeking believers, counselling broken hearts using both the Spirit and the Word, or leading others to worship the God of this universe through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.  The world needs this, our family needs this, our friends, neighbours, colleagues, and strangers on the street — they all need this.  

Though COVID-19 is controlled to some extent in many developed countries around the globe, in India there is much to be concerned about. A second wave of new versions of Covid is spreading in India and it is beyond control. You may have seen some information through different media, but in reality the situation is far beyond what we imagined.

Amid the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, India has witnessed a massive surge of cases in the past 3 weeks. Apart from the nationwide lockdown, India has increased its testing rate and has markedly strengthened the health care sector to combat COVID-19 but the severe spread persists.

With India’s population of more than 1.3 billion people with has a significant population density compared with the rest of the world. The lack of universal access to clean water and overall poor socioeconomic status, all have posed a major challenge to India’s fight against COVID-19. The spread of the pandemic has made India a COVID-19 hotspot; hence the World Health Organization has recently stated that the “future of the pandemic will depend on how India handles it.”

The COVID-19 outbreak in India continues to unfold, with record-breaking daily case numbers, oxygen for ventilators running scarce, and a transmission rate that points to things getting worse before they get better.

Last week, 1,967,406 people are so far affected in Kerala by the novel COVID19 coronavirus. The state recorded its highest single-day rise of 41,953 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, May 5.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan cautioned that the state is facing a very serious situation as COVID19 is spreading rapidly. Amid the rise in COVID19 cases, Kerala has imposed a lockdown in the state beginning May 8. The entire State of Kerala will be under lockdown from 8 May to 16 May. This lock down may be extended until the end of this month. The situation is dire. No public hospital beds or oxygen is available. In any case, the poor people aren’t able to get treatments in the private hospitals since it is highly expensive.

People who lose family members are often faced with having to quickly bury or burn the bodies of those who are deceased without the opportunity for a proper funeral.

Churches are closed. No public gatherings are allowed. Poor people/daily workers are really facing difficulties and seeking help to buy food and medicine.

Help for buy food and medicine and other sanitary items.

Support our pastors and believers to buy food and medicine. 

Prayer needs 

Pray for our Pastors and Believers those who are in the Hospital especially for people those who are seriously ill. 

God is moving in the midst of all the challenges. Our brother who was on the ventilator is better now and God heard our prayers. 

In Christ,

Babu Samuel

In this time of social distancing, we want to stay connected and keep you informed with what’s happening in our ministry and with our Christians in India.

Thank you for your unswerving partnership with the ministry of GCM through prayer and faithful financial support. People here in India are being blessed and strengthened because of you.  

In Exodus 17, we see something amazing happen in the life of Moses and the Israelites. As the Israelites are wandering in the desert, they meet opposition from the Amalekites and soon Moses sends Joshua to lead troops into battle.  Moses, along with Aaron and Hur, watched he battle from a hill nearby and as Exodus 17:11 reads, “As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning,  but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning.” The statement, “held up his hands” refers to a position of prayer, and when Moses prayed, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he stopped praying, the Israelites were losing. This verse shows the importance of prayer, because the victory of the battle was dependent on Moses praying. And when Moses became weary, in order to assure victory over their foe, Aaron and Hur were there to support Moses until the victory was won. 

The Amalekites were unexpected and seemed as persistent as the COVID-19 virus that is among us, however, through prayer and the support, the enemy was defeated and will. May all of us be strengthened, and may this current enemy be defeated around the world through the help of your/our prayers. 

Around the world, many are most likely getting weary. Around the world, people need to be supported through our prayers and now more possibly than ever people. Need your help and r prayers to defeat this persistent foe. Kindly help the Christians in India those are persecuted to “hold up their hands”.

Right now, the coronavirus pandemic is pushing thousands of Christians in India to the edge of survival. Many of these believers are day labourers and they’re completely cut off from their income source. And in some regions, they’re not getting the government aid they deserve because they’re Christians. For many Christians, it means a fight for life. Be a partner and it’s the best way to make sure Christians always have the vital help they so desperately need. Right now, the need is greater than ever, and you can make a life-changing difference for your Christian family with a monthly gift/one time gift to buy food at this time of pandemic. 

When you be a Partner, your support will meet urgent needs like emergency aid and food relief kits—and beyond that, your monthly gift will help provide long-term support, biblical training , so the church doesn’t just survive, but thrives. This crisis will not be over quickly. Lockdown continues and the Christian family’s needs you. I already know you have a heart for suffering Christian Family —that’s why I’m asking. Will you take a step on to the frontlines  to let our brothers and sisters know that there are people standing with them during this unprecedented time in history.

GCM, 6797 Falmouth Curve, Shakopee, MN 55379

Like people all over the world, the people in India are dealing with restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Travel is restricted to walking. No trains, taxis, even bicycles. People aren’t allowed to work, and churches aren’t allowed to meet. The biggest issue, besides avoiding the virus, is getting food to families who have no income or savings. GCM is doing its best to help distribute food to people in need. However, the need is quickly overwhelming resources. Thank you for your prayers and any help you may provide. Please feel free to contact us at info@gracechristianministry.org if you can help.

We are excited to report that 2018 was an amazing year of mission and ministry for GCM. We would like to say thanks to all our partners and friends who have contributed to our ministerial output for this year, 2019. You are a blessing to the Ministry of GCM. Please know that we are thankful for you and your partnership to bring help and hope, in in the name of Christ, to many in India. God is doing amazing thing through GCM partners and you are helping those things happens through your faithful prayers. Your gift help us change lives, restore relationship, and transform communities for Jesus Christ.

Your continuous partnership makes this ministry possible. Your faithful and consistent monthly support and fervent prayers make you a champion of hope. Grace Christian Ministry makes use of every avenue available to present the hope in Jesus Christ to the people of India.  We know this hope and transforming power of the Gospel that makes an eternal difference in people’s life. 

Church Planting Ministry 

We established churches in Kerala, Odisha and Bihar. There are many coming to experience a personal relationship with Christ through GCM ministry. With this being so, it is our responsibility to encourage and challenge persons in their walk with Christ to take the next step in their Christian journeys and we are doing so through different programs. However GCM is compelled to limit the ministry mainly due to the financial crisis and we could not give the support to our pastors for the last few months. The present religious/political situation are also not favorable to reach peoples with the Gospel of our Lord, as before. But we are committed to reach people with His Gospel at any cost and we seek your prayers. 

Believers gathering for Bible training

Bible Education Ministry. 

We have one regular Bible College and 5 training Centers in Kerala and another one in Bihar. The Bihar training center will reopen, if God will in the month of August.  More than 70 young people are studying and equipping themselves for their future Ministry. We are praying for a building for our Bible College and Pathanapuram church. 

Children’s Ministry 

GCM had orphanages in Kerala and Bihar. Recent political and religious situations in India have limited the work of Christian organizations, especially the work among the children. Hundreds of orphanages were closed in India and in Kerala due to recent rules imposed by the government. The licenses of many Christian organizations have been canceled. According to the new rules, we needs buildings with special requirements and facilities. Our orphanages also have closed due to this reason and due to the lack of funding. But we still have children sponsored programs in limited ways.

1. Supplying Education materials to the poor students every year when school opens    (Books, school bags, umbrella, uniforms pen and pencil etc) and continuous follow up for a few children. 

2. We conduct children’s camp during vacations

3. Vacation Bible School 

4. Motivational seminar 

Children’s Ministry in West Bengal – Need sponsors. 

Pastor Ton May and his family are friends of mine and they are faithfully serving the Lord the Lord in West Bengal. They are mainly working among tribal orphan and poor children. They provide food and education. They have been associated with GCM ministry for last 2 years and are waiting for our support. GCM could not support them financially so far and we seek sponsors for this ministry.  If you are moved with spirit to support this ministry, kindly contact us for the details. 

Well, it’s 2019, Jesus has not returned yet, but as Christians, we patiently wait while doing HIS work!  As I look back on 2018 I see the triumphs and defeats, all the while God’s sovereign plan is at work.  We are told in scripture that His word will not return void.

One of the defeats was making our October trip back to India.  In October of 2017 my wife Jenn and I made a commitment to visit GCM two times a year.  Unfortunately, unprecedented monsoon rainfall and flooding in Kerala, India kept us from traveling back in October of last year as planned. Our next trip is planned for April. 

One triumph is how GCM has seen amazing growth in the Ministry. Odisha has had an explosion of church growth, even during a natural disaster in Kerala GCM was able to go into areas that had not been reached before. We pray that God will bring forth growth for His glory! Babu and the ministry of GCM are doing the work that Jesus commands in Matthew 28:18-20, the “Great Commission”.

As I think on these things and the work being done in Christ’s name by Babu and his ministry, I am reminded in Romans 10:14-16. Paul tells us that the only way they (the lost) will believe is when we go to them and speak the gospel.  Once they hear then they can respond. The Spirit moves through the Word of God. Verse 15 tells us to help send those who will preach. Let’s not forget the beauty of the feet of those who preach the gospel. This reminds me of the pictures of the visits GCM made during the flood, brave men and women being selfless in getting the provisions out to those who needed it most. They were not thinking of their own benefit, but speaking about the important Good News, the Gospel.  Verse 16, tells us the word will not be received by all just like in Jesus’s time (some of the over 5,000 people fed with a few loaves and a couple of fish were just seeking the bread that they ate their fill that day). Verse 17 shows how faith comes through hearing the word of God.

So, as I said we patiently wait, Lord Jesus come! In the meantime, we must continue to fight the good fight; continue to carry out the spread of the Gospel.  As GCM faithfully labors to proclaim the Gospel to all those in the nation of India and beyond, please continue to pray, and become a partner in this great commission!

What an amazing and eventful year 2018 has been for Grace Christian Ministry! God has shown his provision, goodness, and faithfulness throughout this year. Praise the Lord!

The Pastors of GCM, Kerala, India

As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation for all of you. Your prayers, encouragement, and support have been such a blessing to us all. Dr. Babu Samuel recorded a video for you HERE.

As many of you are aware, Kerala, India – headquarters for GCM – experienced unprecedented flooding this past summer. Babu, his pastors and other leaders within the ministry felt called to assist those in the area. Through extra love offerings given by you as well as a disaster relief grant awarded by IDES, they were able to do just that. They traveled to seven different villages and provided bags of food which contained rice, tea, and spices. They also provided chairs, bed mats, clothing, educational items and bibles. Five of these villages do not currently have a church. By the grace of God, GCM workers were able to not only hand out bibles, but also give a short message on the love of Christ, and pray for several of the villagers. The goal is to return to these villages and eventually plant churches. This has already happened in the village of Pravinkoodu. Below are some pictures of the flooding that took place as well as pictures from the relief work performed by GCM.

Flooding in Kerala, India – August 2018
Flooding in Kerala, India – August 2018
GCM Pastors and Leaders handing out household and foot items in a Kerala village that was affected by flooding – September 2018
A grateful village woman receiving her flood aid package from GCM.
Households were given rice, tea, spices, chairs, bed mats, clothing, and bibles.

Babu also made the journey along with Pastor Jose Prakash and Pastor KK Samuel to visit GCM ministries in the state of Bihar and Odisha. God is moving in mighty ways in these states and the ministry is growing and reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship with pastors in Odisha, India
The GCM pastors of Odisha, India. Pastor Isnan Bagh (far left) overseas the ministry in Odisha.
Bible Training Center students in Bihar, India.
Bible Training Center students of Bihar, India. On the far right is Dr. Babu Samuel, Pastor K.K. Samuel and Pastor Jose Prakash. The tall gentleman on the left is Pastor Girish who leads the GCM Bihar ministry. His wife Sunimol is to the left.

The ministry also received a generous donation through the Harvest of Talents hosted by First Christian Church in Council Bluffs. With these funds, they were able to purchase two small plots of land which will eventually be the site for two church buildings. This land is being given to two of GCM’s existing churches which have been with the ministry for many years.  One of these churches was flooded in the August flood. The other has been meeting in a rented building in the middle of a rubber tree farm.                        

In the coming year, there is much work to be done. Your prayers and support will be vital for GCM and the work they are doing.

January 30 will kick off the 18th Annual Grace Christian Ministry General Convention. Every year all of the pastors from Kerala, Bihar, and Odisha come together to be encouraged, taught and to fellowship together. This is a major event for the ministry, but it is a great way for the shepherds of these flocks to be rejuvenated and refreshed. Due to the number of people involved and the effort it takes to put on the event, there is also an additional expense over and above the regular operating of the ministry. If you would like to make an additional offering in January to help cover the costs, it would be deeply appreciated.

Freddie and Jenn Jones will be traveling to India in April 2019. Your prayers for that trip and their preparation will be appreciated. They will be visiting churches, attending a small gathering of pastors, and a women’s meeting while they are there. Their second trip will be in October 2019. If you are interested in going with them in October, please contact either Freddie (freddiegcm@gmail.com) or Jenn (jenngcm@gmail.com)

We are planning many updates and additions to the GCM website. Stay tuned for regular blog posts, pictures and updates on the work of GCM. Also, remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support for GCM. It is an amazing thing to see how the body of Christ has worked over these past many years to support the spread of the gospel in India. The harvest is plentiful. Please pray for the many lost souls of that nation which will be touched by the gospel work being done in the Lord’s name by Babu and his team.

Pictured from left to right:
Sam, Mercy, Grace, Printu, Babu, Gladys

It has been a busy whirlwind of activity the last few months, both here and in India. As most of you are aware, Freddie, Jenn and Robin traveled to India in April to visit Babu and the ministry. While we were there, we had the privilege of attending three weddings, one of which was for Babu’s oldest daughter Grace. It was unlike any wedding ceremony we are familiar with here in the states, but it was beautiful all the same and we were humbled to be a part of it. Pictured above is Grace and her husband, Printu – along with Babu, Mercy, their son Sam and daughter Gladys.

Also while we were there in April, we had the opportunity to visit one of the newest churches in the Grace Christian Ministry family. Kuttaphuzha church is on the second floor of a rented building. As we approached the building for Sunday morning service, we could hear the beautiful voices of the congregation lifted in worship. It is a small congregation, numbering about 20-25 people. It is always such a blessing to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in worship.

Kuttaphuzha Church

Babu will be traveling up to the state of Bihar in the next few weeks to visit the ministry of Pastor Girish. Bihar is home to a bible training center where students are discipled in their faith and some continue on with their education by traveling to the main GCM Bible College in Kerala, where they can work towards their Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Bihar has a population of about 114 million people – and less than .5% are Christian. It is known as the “Cemetery for Missionaries”. Please keep Pastor Girish and those working with him and the students in your prayers.

Pastor Girish with the Bihar Bible Training Center students

From Bihar, Babu will then travel a little further south to the state of Odisha. Pastor Prakash oversees the growing ministry there, and several churches and pastors have joined with GCM to further the gospel in that area. As you recall, we were working to raise $1,000 to purchase at least 10 bicycles for some of the pastors in this area. That goal was reached and Babu will be purchasing those bikes when he travels there. Due to the rural areas and villages these pastors minister and evangelize in, bicycles are the best and most economical forms of travel. Odisha’s population is about 44 million people, and about 2.4% are professing Christians. Again, the harvest is plentiful in this area (as it is in all of India). Please pray for more laborers to spread the good news of the gospel.

Church congregation in Odisha

As most of you are aware, GCM had to sell the original college campus last year due to debt issues. While the selling of the property did alleviate the majority of the debt, there is still some lingering that we are working with Babu on ways to help retire it. Watch for updates on how you can help. They have since moved the college to a rented home in the same area. It is much smaller than the previous campus and the ministry is asking for prayers for guidance on how they should move forward with finding a new campus. Currently, there are about 7 students enrolled and taking classes at the Bible College.

We have been working to organize GCM as a non-profit organization here in the U.S. By doing so, there will be opportunity for individuals to give directly to Grace Christian Ministry along with the continued church support. Stay tuned for updates as we continue that process. We are also working to update the website (www.gracechristianministry.org) in order to provide up to date and relevant information on how the Lord is working through GCM and in India as a whole.

Lastly, but not least, Babu, his family and his ministry are forever grateful for the love, prayer and support you have all provided over the past many years. He praises the Lord for each and every one of you and prays for you and your churches.