Babu Samuel

Babu Samuel is a native of Kerala State in southern India. He became a Christian in 1977. As he received a call by God into ministry, he entered a Bible College in Madras, India, where he studied for four years graduating with a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Babu then moved to the northern part of India where he studied in a

Bible seminary and graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity degree, and Master’s degree in Philosophy.

Upon returning to his home in Kerala, he began teaching at Kerala Christian Bible College where he also served as vice president of the P.V. Alexander Ministries (Church of Christ affiliated.)

In 1989, Babu received the opportunity to travel to the United States to attend Minnesota Bible College, (Now known as Crossroads College) Rochester, MN. The one-year training that he received at MBC on New Testament Christianity and the Restoration Movement became a great turning point in his life and ministry.

Babu continued teaching at Kerala Christian Bible College until God called him to start a separate Church of Christ ministry in 1999. With much prayer, he obeyed God’s calling and started the new work named “GRACE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES.”

The marvelous growth of this mission in just a few short years is living testimony of God’s faithfulness.

Babu Samuel and his wife Mercy have two daughters, Grace and Gladys, and one son, Samuel.