Well, it’s 2019, Jesus has not returned yet, but as Christians, we patiently wait while doing HIS work!  As I look back on 2018 I see the triumphs and defeats, all the while God’s sovereign plan is at work.  We are told in scripture that His word will not return void.

One of the defeats was making our October trip back to India.  In October of 2017 my wife Jenn and I made a commitment to visit GCM two times a year.  Unfortunately, unprecedented monsoon rainfall and flooding in Kerala, India kept us from traveling back in October of last year as planned. Our next trip is planned for April. 

One triumph is how GCM has seen amazing growth in the Ministry. Odisha has had an explosion of church growth, even during a natural disaster in Kerala GCM was able to go into areas that had not been reached before. We pray that God will bring forth growth for His glory! Babu and the ministry of GCM are doing the work that Jesus commands in Matthew 28:18-20, the “Great Commission”.

As I think on these things and the work being done in Christ’s name by Babu and his ministry, I am reminded in Romans 10:14-16. Paul tells us that the only way they (the lost) will believe is when we go to them and speak the gospel.  Once they hear then they can respond. The Spirit moves through the Word of God. Verse 15 tells us to help send those who will preach. Let’s not forget the beauty of the feet of those who preach the gospel. This reminds me of the pictures of the visits GCM made during the flood, brave men and women being selfless in getting the provisions out to those who needed it most. They were not thinking of their own benefit, but speaking about the important Good News, the Gospel.  Verse 16, tells us the word will not be received by all just like in Jesus’s time (some of the over 5,000 people fed with a few loaves and a couple of fish were just seeking the bread that they ate their fill that day). Verse 17 shows how faith comes through hearing the word of God.

So, as I said we patiently wait, Lord Jesus come! In the meantime, we must continue to fight the good fight; continue to carry out the spread of the Gospel.  As GCM faithfully labors to proclaim the Gospel to all those in the nation of India and beyond, please continue to pray, and become a partner in this great commission!